Orgasm Control and Quick FinishHim by Whitney OC

Whitney OC is a sexy model that likes to give blowjobs to random guys. In this thrilling erotica from FinishHim titled: Orgasm Control Blowjob, she made her man cum buckets after making him wait a little longer.

Whitney starts the video by fondling an upright cock! You can tell she’s horny. The camera zoomed in on her silky figure, showcasing how stunning and lovely she is. To show off her lovely form, the gorgeous model wore merely a two-piece bikini. She placed the cock in her mouth and teased it. She performed such an excellent job that the guy almost skeeted in her mouth. But she restrained his orgasm and forced him to retain it.

Still occupied with his shaft, her head bobs up and down as she delivers an aggressive blowjob that causes his legs to shake. Her huge boobs wiggle as a result of all the movement. She liked stroking his dick, while he thrust his cock as if to spill his load on her lovely seductive face. After stopping him from cumming multiple times to savor his cock, she decides it’s time for him to let go! 

She tormented his cock with both her hands and her lips and then quickly released it, forcing him to discharge his load on the bed. He came numerous times as she massaged his shaft to make him release more cum thanks to her orgasm management talents. This is a 14-minute steamy video that features Whitney OC in a variety of powerful cock-teasing moments.