Massage Girl Whitney OC from ShadySpa Blows Client to Orgasm

Whitney OC is a pretty blonde who likes to massage stressed-out dudes. As a naked massage model, she never lets them go without making them blast their cum loads over her face. In this steamy episode from ShadySpa, titled: Shady Spa – Whitney OC, she works on a handsome client.

Whitney OC, cladded in a one-piece golden bikini looks amazing. She went for the guy’s big cock and started to stroke it trying to get him ready. After making the dick grow very big, she decided to shove it deep inside her mouth. The sound of her slurps and licks from the blowjob is so intense you know he was enjoying the hot dick-pleasing action. 

He played with her nipples as she admired his big dick. She teased his shaft while the dude moaned with the pressure building in his pipe. Stroking and sucking, Whitney promises to help him feel relaxed. You can tell she has good orgasm control skills as she tries not to make him cum. She wants to play with his dick more – he better not cum now. She continues milking his cock.

With so much time spent in her mouth, his cock began to throb, wanting to spill his jizz all over her. Whitney OC gently strokes his shaft expecting to see his semen. Suddenly, he gasped and moaned as his cum spilled all over his body. You don’t want to miss this spicy hot massage session with gorgeous Whitney OC.