Teen Masseuse Riley Shae Made Client Shoot His Massive Load

What better place to have a sexy masseuse help you relax than to visit the ShadySpa? Riley Shae is a tattooed babe that caters to her client by giving sensual massages. She doesn’t do happy endings, but this client wants her to jerk him off. 

The pretty babe, scantily dressed, made the client so horny he started to touch her soft and juicy body. Before long, his erection became intense, and his cock could no longer take it. It really needed some sensual massage from her soft hands. Unleashing his thick shaft, he convinced her to put it in her mouth. 

Riley caressed and teased his rock-hard dick and put it in her mouth. She sucked him hard as his shaft grew big in her mouth. With both her boobs falling out of her bra, the pretty babe feasted on the cock. She made loud sucking and kissing sounds to show how much she enjoyed his cock. 

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Lying on the bed and getting his shaft teased, the sexual excitement was so intense it made him release his load. After one final deep throat, Riley stroked and pumped the dick, making him forcefully shoot his jizz as he screamed very loud. The sexy masseuse had quite a great time with her favorite client making him spill his load. This video is a 14-minute special from ShadySpa, featuring Riley Shae.