Latina Hottie Michelle Martinez Massages Huge Dick for a Massive Release

Michelle Martinez works as a massage therapist to help her clients relax better. Trapped with a lucky client, she unleashed his meaty pole and immediately went to work. She put him in restraints and decided to tease him. 

With him trapped by the restraints, the pretty babe opens up her boobs in her pink bra and started to dance erotically all over him. By now, he was so horny that he begged her to go completely naked for him. Michelle unzipped her bra, and he moaned so hard when her meat boobs jiggled so seductively. 

This made his cock throb harder as she climbed up and sat on him. She handled his pulsating, meaty pole and started to jerk him off. Before you knew it, he splashed out his precum all over her hands. The kinky babe yelled that was too much cum for his first ejaculation.

You could tell that he was enjoying the action as she continued to pump his sausage all the more. Before you know it, Michelle was naked except for her wet panties. The pretty teen handled that cock in her hands and stroked it so hard it made wet and slurpy sounds. This made him so hot and horny that he pumped out his precum several times all over her tiny soft hands. Pumping his meaty pole so vigorously, she was eager to see him blow his load all over her hands. 

The whole time she jerked him off, he was busy rubbing her wet panties and moaning harder as he was about to blow his load. Then, with a deep moan, he finally made to let go of his load. She jerked and stroked his meaty pole until she could feel his semen flow out of his cock. 

Michelle was so happy to see him pump out all that thick semen all because of her pleasurable hand job. This episode of MeanMassage is titled- Michelle Martinez: Immense Release. It features the teen beauty in one of her most steamy handjobs ever!