Sexy Brunette in Pantyhose Ruby Moon Visits the BreedMe Sperm Clinic

The sexy Ruby Moon graces this spine-tingling episode of BreedMe. Titled- SHE IS FERTILE – Ruby Moon Breeding Session, it features multiple shots of the pretty babe getting drilled hard by her horny doctor. He knew he wanted to breed her, but she had to be fertile for this magic to work.

Before you knew it, he had her fully naked on the breeding table with her legs spread wide apart. He probed her deep vagina with his meaty pole and could have sworn she felt so good. He couldn’t help but caress her boobs and smack her ass cheeks while he penetrated deep into her. Yes, Ruby is here to get bred, but the doctor wants to have fun with his naked patient.

Ruby showed up at the clinic with seductive clothes. Even after stripping naked, her pantyhose gave her away as hot chic. From her face down to the hole between her thick thighs, the doctor knew he wanted to fuck her so hard that he would give her a baby.

He had Ruby getting her vagina slammed by his hard cock in multiple positions. The video shows the ravishing babe in never-seen-before sexual positions enjoying the free cock from the doctor. The whole time the doctor drilled her, Ruby was moaning and enjoying every thrust. 

Ruby may have appeared in so many X-rated scenes, but none of her videos go as hard as this episode of BreedMe. From her flawless skin to her pretty face, you feel the intense passion behind every deep thrust. You enjoyed all the action up to the point when he finally flooded her ovaries with his magical semen.